29th wedding aniversary


This is yet another reason why I’m a big believer in “going with the flow” and simply doing what comes naturally—as in, letting your body take over and let the soul just flow with it. So there you have it.

We all make mistakes, and I’m sure you’ve had some pretty embarrassing mistakes in your life. We all make mistakes, and we all have to deal with them. But I’m going to be honest with you here: there’s a part of me that is so afraid to let the body get in my way that I put up a wall to protect myself. It’s not a bad thing though.

Sometimes we have to learn to let the body take over. Its not a bad thing. I guess the problem is we don’t really appreciate how much we truly have control, and we tend to forget that control is only one part of the whole equation.

That may all sound kind of ridiculous but that’s really what I’m thinking right now. It’s like how you never really know what your car is doing when you go to a new place. You can always feel the ignition key (or the door handle or…

There’s also the possibility that you can’t control your emotions or your actions. That’s another reason that I really don’t like the whole marriage thing.

This is a great reminder that, no matter how far we are, there is still a time when we are not our own person. When we are still a part of something larger, we are capable of a lot more than we realize. In our case, that big something is the number 29. That is a date that we will never forget, and a day that we will never forget either. This day is one that we will miss greatly, and one that we will never forget.

It is also one of the most important dates that we will ever have. It is the day that we have to decide if we are going to marry or not. I don’t think it is a good idea to marry on the 29th, because if the other person you are marrying doesn’t love you on the 29th, then it is not really a marriage. Just as getting married is a big decision, getting married on the 29th is a big decision too.

I think the truth is that our decision is a little bit more complicated than that. We are in a period of life where we are on a path to love someone and to build a life-long relationship with them. In those times, you want to be sure you’re ready for the next step to that relationship. You want to know that you’re both ready to commit to an intimate relationship that is committed to the person you are marrying.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when thinking about their wedding anniversary is thinking of it as a day to celebrate your marriage. Instead, the 29th is a day to celebrate your life together. For many people, the idea of a day to celebrate their marriage is a huge mistake. We know that weddings are special events that require a lot of planning and preparation, so they are a lot of work.

Not to mention the fact that marriage is a big deal. It’s an event that people spend money on. It’s an event that people are proud of, you know? When you get married, you get to say that you’ve been together for, like, five years. But it’s also an event that changes your life and your family’s life forever.


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