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This company really sets themselves apart from the rest. They are currently in the process of manufacturing the first LED lightbulb for home use. They are also working on a new smart bathroom light bulb that can communicate with your iPhone or Android smart phone.

They’re working on a new technology that will let you access your own personal information via your smartphone’s Bluetooth without having to have a separate wireless connection. This is a nice feature that makes it a lot easier for guests to use your home to see and even touch things you left unlocked. They also have the first LED LED lightbulb that is currently being tested and will be available in the near future.

The idea is not new. Theyve tried it out with some of their new LED bulbs and they were pretty impressed. They have been doing it for years, but this new one is the first to have a clear LED light bulb that can communicate with your phone. Basically, by using your phone’s Bluetooth it will be able to send and receive information to and from your home’s bathroom light bulb. This technology is called Bluetooth Smart, an acronym for Bluetooth wireless technology.

The idea is that if a Bluetooth Smart light bulb works in a home, then you can use it in different locations to change bulbs. This is something you can already do in other bulbs like your house light bulb or a car light bulb, but the alabay LED bulb will be the first to do this with a clear LED light bulb.

The big question is how useful the technology will be. Because currently most of the bulbs that run on a bulb socket are limited to one color, which makes it impossible for them to be bright enough to be useful. But alabay’s bulb will have the capability of changing into different colors.

But that’s a whole different blog post.

They do have the ability to change colors, although they are currently limited to two colors. But by doing this, they are essentially allowing a whole new way of looking at light bulbs. Because they have the ability to change colors, they can be more useful. In other words, its a whole new way of looking at your lighting.

My favorite example of using color in a practical way is the alabay bulb. Its basically a bulb with a color changing switch on it. Instead of it flipping between brown, yellow, blue, and red, I can actually see it changing colors into a whole new range of colors.

alabay is a new lighting technology that uses an infrared light to change color. It’s something that was introduced into the market last year and has already been trialed by many major retailers. Although it’s still in the testing phase, its the kind of thing that will have a huge impact on the way we look at lighting in the future.

This is a classic example of why not to paint your home with color. It’s like a traditional house with a wood floor, with a big painted porch, and a wood-burning stove.

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