argentine footballers

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This is a story that doesn’t end well for all involved, but it’s one that I hope doesn’t end for my family either. All three of my siblings have been playing football since they were young kids, and all three of them have been having plenty of fun with it.

This week a family friend of mine, who is a football fanatic, told me that while playing football with one of his friends, the two of them got in an argument. The friend claimed he punched the friend in the stomach while the friend claimed he shoved him in the face. The family friend claimed the friend then punched him in the head. The family friend called police, who took the friend into custody.

Police said the argument happened at a local bar and that the football player was not in his right mind and needed to be checked out. The two of them got into a fist fight, and the friend said he “hurt his hand”. That’s when cops were called, and the two of them were taken to the local hospital.

The victim of the punch in the stomach is an argentine footballer named Javier Ortega-Perez. His family called 911 to report him being assaulted and that he was “agitated, violent, and combative.” That’s when police officers from the local police force arrived and took Javier to the hospital. The police said that the brawl happened in a bar and that Javier could have been pushed. The police said that’s when he was taken to the hospital.

The incident happened at the end of a basketball game. There were some pretty intense fight scenes in the video. The team was really upset when the referee said a foul didn’t happen. The referee was a little bit upset but not much.

There is a lot of speculation about whether this was just a random fight or whether the police knew that the team was upset and decided to punish Javier for it. I don’t know if they decided to just punish him for the fact that he kicked the ref, but it seems pretty clear that they were trying to get some dirt on the team.

One thing I love about the argentine footballers is that none of their players are racist. In fact, all of them have a very dark past and are a bit of a joke in real life. They’ve been accused of assaulting people and being drunk, so they’re no saints.

The main reason I love the argentine footballers is because they have a lot of fun. They are a bit of a joke in real life, but that never means they know the real thing.

This may not seem like a big deal, but I will admit, I am a little bit obsessed with the argentine footballers. I just wish that they weren’t all white people because that would make the team more appealing. I think that more white people would make the team less appealing because of their racism.

I used to be a huge fan of the argentine footballers, but I am probably not a fan anymore. I think a more interesting team would be an all-black team. I don’t think all white people are racist. I think, however, that with all the hatred that white people have for black people and other minorities, I think that they would be more likely to be racist.


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