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Now that I’m finally on my own, I have been having a bit of a bad habit lately. I used to do this all the time, but now it’s becoming increasingly a habit. It’s a habit that I’m ashamed of, but I’m also a bad one. I don’t know if I’ll ever get that out of my system, but I have to at least try.

I think it is a good habit to get into. Because it forces you to stop and think about yourself and what you like and dislike about yourself. If you get into a habit of saying, “I dont know what Im doing wrong, but something needs to be done,” you’ll never be able to get it out. As a result, you’ll keep doing the same thing and eventually you’ll get stuck and unable to stop yourself.

I think being bad is good. I mean, if you cant say anything bad, you can at least say something positive. That way, you can get yourself out of a bad situation.

This is a great example for how a bad day can be turned good if you get a good day, or the opposite. If you come out of a bad day with a good day, that’s not a bad thing. In fact, that’s what makes good days so special and awesome. Most of your troubles are just the result of bad days.

I’m not sure what was more upsetting in this post, the fact that I’m not even allowed to say the word “bad” in response to a post, or that I have to put “good” in my response even though I’m not allowed to admit I am bad. I hate that we have to be so “unconditionally positive” when we’re clearly the opposite of that.

I guess if you were a bad person, you wouldn’t have a good day, so I guess that makes me bad.

So the short version is that we are now officially allowed to say the word bad. We are allowed to say the word bad a lot, and even good a lot. And all that we say is good (like, this is the best day ever). But we are not allowed to say it in the most positive way. And we are not allowed to say it in any way that makes us think we are a bad person.

I know I said that I wasnt allowed to say bad things, but Ive seen the last two days. Not only is it good to say it, but it makes us feel good too. You can read any of our latest articles on our website.

For most of us, I would say it’s a lot of work and we make the effort because of how hard it is to say bad things. But for us, it can be a great form of self-actualization. It makes us able to say things that we would never say in the past and, instead, say aloud to the world. Saying bad things can be a great method of self-awareness.


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