cartel death threat text messages 2021

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These cartel death threat text messages are a good reminder to take note of the laws in the United States for texting while driving. The penalties for texting while driving can run high, and it is now illegal for anyone to send a text message while driving, and you will be required to prove that you are not impaired by alcohol while texting.

I would imagine that because of the high penalties, the odds of getting caught texting while driving is pretty slim. Even the odds of getting caught are pretty slim, though. A lot of people who have received these death threat texts do not think that they are serious. I am sure that some of them are, though, and that is why they have been used as a threat.

The text message, which is sent to anyone who drives without a phone, is a death threat. The message text-message system exists to punish people who use technology in a way that is illegal. While it is not specifically written as a death threat, it is used to send a message to a person who is not legally able to receive it. The message text-message system is used to send a text that can only be sent by a person that is not legally able to receive it.

It’s great that you can text the police, but when the police get a text, they are required to read the text and respond. If they don’t respond, the person who sent the text is then able to send it to someone else who will. All of this has been shown in a series of videos over the last year, including the case of a woman who received a text saying that she would be killed by her ex-boyfriend’s brother, who was a police officer.

The message text was sent by a woman named Elisa and was sent from her phone, but was intercepted by the police. The police were able to get the rest of the text and responded to the threat sent by Elisa. It was then that the police officer, who had been texting the woman, was arrested. The text messages were sent from an iPhone, but now the police have the ability to intercept and read them.

The police are not the only ones who can intercept phone text messages. The police may have been able to intercept this one because the text was sent using the iPhone’s text feature, which allows users to send and receive text messages on a phone or other mobile device. This feature was first spotted by the FBI, but there is no evidence that the authorities have been able to intercept those texts.

The text messages are a reminder of how little we actually know about the world outside of our own pockets. The police can read text messages, but we can’t. But we can now, thanks to the FBI, learn a little bit more about the situation on the ground. It’s a reminder that maybe we’ve been so busy watching the news and listening to the news that we haven’t really been paying much attention to the world around us.

The cartels are not the only ones with a death threat agenda. Last year, the Department of Homeland Security released the first ever video of an armed cartel member threatening the city of Chicago with death if the city failed to send in enough troops to kill the cartel’s leader. The video has been viewed more than 30 million times.

That video is pretty scary, but it also shows how powerful the cartels are. Their threat is so specific, so specific that it is almost impossible to ignore. If your city doesn’t send in enough troops to kill the cartel leader, the threat is that the people of Chicago will die. This is extremely terrifying. It shows just how much the cartels have the power to kill and intimidate us.

The video is not the only thing we can add to the conversation about the cartels. The video does show how much the cartels are a threat to modern society. I don’t know if you’re in Chicago or not, but Chicago has been through a lot. There have been riots, shootings, and other horrible things. It’s important to be prepared for these things. The video also shows how easy it is for your city to be targeted by the cartels.

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