davinci wedding dresses

man, leonardo, vinci @ Pixabay

I love all the fancy dress designs that have been out in the world lately. I especially love the DYNAY, which is the design that I am using in this article.

It’s not just for weddings though, but for any style event. I mean, you can buy a great dress for a wedding, but all that expensive tailoring can be a bit of a hassle for a more formal affair. So how do you make sure you get the right look for your big day? By getting help from some fashion experts.

DYNAY is a new, patented, and innovative way of making a dress look as beautiful as it does in real life. DYNAY, or DeviceY, is a computer-controlled technology that automatically creates an effect to any style of fabric or image. The result is a look that’s all about the details. As the site explains, “DYNAY creates a mood, and a feeling.


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