fake news costume


I’m not sure who the person wearing the fake news costume in the photo is, but the fact is, it’s not a real news photographer. He’s just a guy trying to be funny.

It is, in fact, fake news. The photo was taken by a group of pranksters who thought they were taking a picture of a real news photographer. The photo is actually of a real news photographer, but the people behind it thought they were a news photographer too. All they did was wear a fake news costume and pretend to be news photographers for a while.

The photo was posted to a Facebook page that is in close coordination with a certain news company. This photo that is in close contact with a certain news company is the real news photographer. Fake news is news that is written by a group of pranksters who think they are news photographers.

The article is actually a fake news account, with all the fake news that everyone around them has been exposed to as a result of a scam.

Fake news is very well-known and very fake. The joke is that you make a fake news account then pretend to be news photographers for a while, with the intention of getting them to believe that your photos are real. It’s an effective way to get attention for your fake news articles, and also to get people to think that you are a news organization.

Fake news is a very popular meme. The idea is that the more people that see your fake news article, the more likely they are to believe. And the more likely they are to think that someone in their life is very fake too.

Fake news is one of those things that is so ingrained in our culture that we don’t really even notice it. People have been posting fake news articles, photos, and videos for as long as we’ve been posting about these things. It is very much something we all have in common. It is just that this time it was in an intentionally misleading way that was used to get attention.

It’s the internet. People make up as much as they can to get into your space. So of course they’d have their own fake news. They’re just the ones that know how to make it look like real news. The fact that your real news is fake news is a whole other problem altogether. Like, you’re not the one who is making up the fake news, you’re the one that is being manipulated.

The real news is fake news. The ones who make it up are the ones who are manipulating it. The problem is, the fake news is just as much a part of our culture as the real news. The real news is what we see in the news. But the fake news is made up just for the sake of being true.

It’s a well recognized fact that the way a media works is through its fake news. In the case of fake news, it’s a tool that allows information to get to the public. But more and more people are realizing this. The people who are making up fake news are the only ones who gain their information from manipulation. The people who are being manipulated are the ones who are the ones who are the ones who are pulling the strings: the ones who are making up fake news.


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