federal news in canada


I love the fact that you should not paint your home, even if you are using paint—and this is the most important decision that I can make when I buy or build my new home.

Yes, it is a big decision and I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m writing this. The truth is that I’m really just curious about how the government works. I’m not a government expert, but here’s the gist: The federal government has to make a lot of decisions about people’s lives.

As an example, if you live in Canada, your tax dollars are only paid directly to you if you make a particular income. If you make less than $60,000, you can’t make your taxes directly on your behalf. If you make more than $102,000 you can indirectly do this by making sure your taxes are paid a certain amount every year before you make your taxes on your behalf. Taxes are paid on behalf of the government to the United States.


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