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A story of flash news in Malayalam.

Flash news is a type of news that is very brief and often includes graphic images. The difference between news and flash news is that the former is usually edited for length and contains a lot of information.

The story of a flash news story is one of the most important pieces of the story. This story is actually a teaser video of a short teaser trailer that was released in September. It features the story as a brief teaser with a teaser trailer. It’s funny because the trailer is very short. It’s a teaser trailer of a short teaser.

This is what I call a “flash” story because it has a trailer. The trailer is just a small, animated, little bit of information like what the protagonist is doing, and it shows off the action scene and the characters as they get closer to the story. After the trailer is shown, it’s a little cartoonish, but it’s entertaining.

Flash stories are usually short and simple, with no big story. But this one is not. The first teaser trailer is short and to the point, but the second is a little more dramatic. The story is actually very big, but that’s because the story is so slow, its like a slow-motion movie. That’s why I call it a flash story. It’s not really a story. It’s a teaser.

Flash stories are a new medium that have been created for the internet, but its already being used by a select group of Hollywood studios and big corporations. In this case, Warner Brothers is the studio and they are using it to create a series of animated videos that will be shown off at the San Diego Comic Con. The first video is called “Flashpoint,” and its a story about a man who wakes up with no memory of how he got to the island he was on.

Flash stories are a new form of animation that uses real time to tell stories. As opposed to other media, which are typically created with flash, these videos are live-action. They’re like a movie with a live action director. It makes sense because, as the name implies, these videos are made by watching them live, then editing and adding voice-overs.

Flash is a medium that is changing rapidly. We use it to create short films, which are a form of filmmaking that is just a little bit different, but still similar, to film. The problem is that if you want to make a film, you have to sit down and produce it. Flash is all about creating a live-action film, which takes a lot more effort.

Flash is a format that is becoming more and more popular every day. In the past couple of years it has gone from being a one-off special effects show to a tool that is used to create 3D movies, TV shows, and commercials. The thing is, most people don’t actually watch much of it. To make things more complicated, most of the people who actually watch it are watching it for the first time.

The most important thing about Flash is that it is easy to create a lot of videos and create a lot of 3D movies. That’s why it’s been called “flash” and “cinematic” for centuries. Flash looks like a simple, straightforward program, where you spend some time creating videos. It’s simple to create, but it’s not easy to create in a way that it’s easy to make.

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