french fire


French Fire is a french fry-inspired dish that I just can’t live without. When it comes out of the fryer the last thing I want to do is add any seasoning, but to my surprise, I only get two french fries. So what’s a girl to do? Well, I cook up some fries, add some french cheese, and a few slices of tomato.

A few days ago, I had a guest tell me that the only French food she could eat was french fries and cheese. I immediately wanted to ask her how she knew that. She said that it was a matter of familiarity. That’s funny because I think I knew French food all too well… and I was never really afraid of cheese. My first encounter with cheese was on a plane. I had to have a couple of drinks before I managed to get an impression of what cheese looked like.

I did love cheese growing up. I was always really good at learning a new language. I got to practice for almost every race, country, and accent a kid was ever given. Cheese was almost always my favorite food, and I still remember the first time I tasted it, it was at a friend’s birthday party.

The thing is, cheese can be intimidating. I’ve often had people tell me that they don’t like cheese or that they don’t know what it is or that they don’t like it in their kitchen. I think the reason cheese is intimidating is because it’s so darn good. It’s a super creamy, rich, delicious, and creamy cheese.

I’m not sure I’ve ever written a good review of a game, but it really is a shame all these weirdo-ish things exist. I know the same people who hate cheese. And they hate the way the whole thing looks, because if you look at the whole thing, you will have to be blind to it.

I have always had a hard time eating cheese with any consistency, but the more I play I get to know cheese, the more I can appreciate its beauty. And the fact that french-fries are made in the USA, is a pretty good reason for me to love it.

This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten caught up in the cheese/french-fries debate, and I’m sure it wont be the last. While I’m still not sure if I’ll be able to get my head around this, I think french-fries are damn cute.

In this case, cheesefries are made with cow’s milk and are cooked in a pan. They are basically made with flour, eggs, and sometimes cheese, but the main difference is, that they’re eaten dry. Whereas regular potatoes are cooked fresh in a pan and are always served with butter and salt, french-fries are made with butter and salt, and are fried in oil.

French-fries are usually a very light meal, but the combination of cheese and butter is a very nice one, and can also be used as a side dish.


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