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I was talking to my friend yesterday and I mentioned that I had just read an article that had the following title.

“The New York Times: New York’s Best Places to Live.

I’d read the article, but I think it is so weird that I couldn’t remember what it was called. The article basically has you put together a list of the places on Earth with the best lifestyle. It’s pretty interesting but it’s also kind of scary.

I think it is pretty interesting. I have found it to be pretty frightening for myself. I have been to a few places that I thought were the cutest or the best. And I have also been to places that I thought to be the worst, but I have found those to be the most interesting.

If you find yourself in a place that doesn’t seem that great, think for a moment.

I have recently had a few people tell me that I must be crazy because I live in some country or city they have never been to. But I can honestly say I have never been to one of the places I listed. I live in a small town in the mid-west, near two lakes, with a nice, big natural pond and lots of trees that the kids play in, and I have a nice, clean house, with a yard that the kids play in.

The same place we went to with our family last year and it was very cool. We had an amazing weekend that the kids played with our kids, and I’m not too worried about that now. Just take a look at the photo below, and realize that you’ve got a little pond of some kind, with a little grass here and there.

It is not that we don’t care about the kids, we do. But the pool, the woods, the house, and the lake, are pretty much gone now. We’ve grown as a family, but the kids will always be with us. We all have jobs that keep us busy. And we don’t want to have to worry about them. We don’t like that this is a problem.

Life is not a problem. Life is a great opportunity to do something that you love. To keep the joy alive. To be more of who you really are.


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