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This LiveFarsi channel ( is one of the best and most informative online community for Iranian musicians. Artists, producers, and performers from all over the world share their work on this platform.

The livefarsi network just launched, and we’re in the process of adding more channels to offer more music and games to promote our music. We’ve also been making some of the best music videos right now.

The best part is that the videos are not only for our music, but have been made to help you learn more about the Iranian culture. So check out all of the videos and see how you can support our artists by purchasing their albums.

We’re really excited about the livefarsi network. We really know how to bring people together, and we think the livefarsi platform has a huge potential to be an incredibly high quality social network. We also think that the addition of an Iranian music channel is a great way to promote our music globally and help to spread our music to new people.

For those of you who have never heard of the livefarsi network, it’s a social network for artists that takes the form of a private social network (Facebook). You can connect with any artist that you want, or you can find artists who you’ve never heard of. You can also share your music with other artists.

The network will be available to artists from all over the world. However, the artists on the network are not given any contact information. You will need to know the artist’s full name and email address.

The livefarsi network is designed to bring artists together, but it is also free for artists to use as long as you don’t use it to sell any of their original works in any way. It is not a free for profit website.

Artists can use the network to market their music, or they can use it to promote their own artwork.

This is a completely different game. There are two main ways to get paid: (a) create a music video; or (b) create a video of your own creation on your own. There is no way that you can create a live video, but you can use the music video to draw your own characters.

So, you got to keep track of the number of songs you have that you want to give to your audience, so you can do it all and not waste your time.


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