mink in spanish

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This is a great way to wear your mink coat all year round. I love the faux fur collar and the long, pointed tips of the mink. It’s so stylish and I love the way it hangs off my ears. The mink is soft and silky, but never goes out of style.

The mink is a very high-quality fur coat. It is expensive, luxurious, and quite expensive to maintain. All mink coats have the right amount of fur that suits the owner’s height. The mink is quite popular and is a very popular coat among fur coat enthusiasts.

You can actually build up a high-quality fur coat with a few coats of mink on it. The mink is made up of the same type of protein fibers that are found in the fur, but it’s made up of only the two kinds of fiber that are found in the mink coat: the organic kind that is made from protein fibers made from algae and small algae. The mink coat has the best amount of mink that is found in the fur.

The mink is a very popular coat among fur coat enthusiasts for a number of reasons. It’s fashionable, it’s warm and it has a soft, luxurious feel to it. The mink is also one of the most durable coats out there. It’s very hard to scratch and it sheds well. It’s also a great coat for traveling.

The fact is that the fur is one of the most important materials in a fur coat. If you have fur, it looks like it’s going to be made from it, but if you have a coat that’s made from algae, then it looks like it’s made from other things in it. It has a tendency to have a “dark color,” which is pretty bad.

The mink is also a great coat for traveling. Traveling is a big deal for everyone, and mink is the perfect coat for you to use (as well as your own). Its very warm, very soft, and very durable. It also has a tendency to have a dark color, which is pretty bad.

It’s a good coat for traveling. I just don’t think that mink always comes to the party-lovers, its just a bad coat for you because you may have to take a long time to wear it. If you have fur, you can get it from the ground up, but it doesn’t always seem like you have a good coat for traveling.

Now with that said, it’s a nice coat for the occasional trip to the grocery store or other places where you don’t want to be naked. If you have it for more than a weekend, or a few days of every week, it can be a bit of a pain to wear, but it’s very comfortable and durable. My personal favorite is the brown mink, because it has a very pleasant, fluffy texture and a nice, soft, soft, warm smell.

I like brown mink because it has a very soft, warm, and slightly bitter flavor and smells like peach, apple, etc. You can also use it for a softener like a cookie or a cookie roll, but it is the color of the mink.

The main difference between brown and black mink is that the former is a natural color, while the latter is a synthetic one. Synthesized colors are often made to look more sophisticated and “alive” (as opposed to the natural color), but they can actually be quite dirty and look fake.


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