nampa idaho weather

lake, rocks, forest @ Pixabay

We have some really beautiful weather here in nampa. I love this warm, sunny summer. But it doesn’t last forever. Summer is short and in my opinion it’s not the best for the environment. I don’t think I will ever, ever be able to say I’m a happy camper. But that’s because I’m not a happy camper. I just love summer.

I have a favorite summer time in nyampa. But I dont like it. I just love it. But it has been a good time in nyampa for me, and I dont understand why I keep enjoying it. I have no idea.

When summer comes to nyampa it seems like it comes every year. I mean, we say “oh its a warm summer,” and we make a promise to ourselves that it will be a good summer. The problem is it never is. During a really hot summer, I can only imagine it gets to be really hot and uncomfortable. While I can never say Im a happy camper, I have no doubt that my moods have been affected by the weather.

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