new years eve wedding

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A wedding, a Christmas party, or a party that is as much fun as the next, is an absolutely wonderful event. I am a firm believer that it is a good thing to celebrate each of the above in a way that is respectful and appropriate to the event and the people who are there to celebrate it.

It’s unfortunate that I had to be the one to break up the wedding of my friends and co-workers. We were all in Boston at New Years, where I was the head of a company that does wedding packages. We were all having a blast and I had nothing but fun to share with them. However, when my co-workers and I broke up, my wife was devastated. She had just finished a fantastic wedding and our engagement was just a year away.

I could tell that she felt cheated, though she’s not the only one. The truth of the matter is that she is a very private person, so I don’t think she really understands how important a wedding is. She will always be the first to see the wedding picture and the first to see the cake, but she’s never going to fully understand how important it is to have a wedding. My wife is a very private person, so I don’t think she understands how important weddings are.

In fact, the fact that she feels cheated might actually give the wedding the power to give her more reasons to not go through with it. In other words, saying yes to a wedding is like saying yes to a date. Yes, it’s true that you can’t really take the time and thought to do anything with a date, but by the same token, you can’t take the time to do anything with a wedding either.

I think there is some truth to this. We spend more time thinking about what we are going to wear than anything else. We want to look amazing, feel amazing, smell amazing, etc. And in general, our lives become much more about that than anything else.

Of course, this is an idealized state of affairs. But we don’t have to live in that idealized state. We can strive for the day we actually get married. That’s what we should be striving for, because that is the day we truly have our life together. It is the day we get to say “yes” to the person we love. It is the day we get to say “yes” to the future we wish to have together.

But don’t think that this is all a matter of how you want to look on your wedding day. You can actually look as amazing as possible. The most important thing to remember is that the day you spend with the person you love will be your happiest day.

Wedding day is the day you feel happiest. There’s no doubt about that. So why not go out and look as amazing as possible then? This doesn’t mean you should wear a sparkly dress or a fake engagement ring. All it means is that you should be happy, and that’s a pretty big deal.

Okay, and its all about the dress. I love the way this one from Fashions for Every Occasion does it. The way the black and white stripes bring out that wedding dress with a hint of colour, and the black dress that shows off your shoulders really shows off your skin. A lot of people are worried about this sort of thing being too ‘flashy’, but I think its all about the dress.

My wedding is in a couple of weeks, but I still feel like a new bride. I don’t know if there’s any reason that marriage should be so casual, but its so so so so so so much about how you dress. How you look at the world. How you see yourself. And how you choose your future.


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