newport news shooting

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the news of the shooting at the newport news has just emerged. police say that it is a drive-by shooter. there is no word on who is responsible. we may find out the next day if it is indeed the gunman.

I wonder if the killer has to walk through our town to get to the shooting location. I can’t imagine anyone having time to go through our town from any other direction. It’s also possible that the killer isn’t actually a gunman at all, but rather a sniper on a motorcycle.

I think we all know that the best way to stop a bullet is with a bullet. In fact, I might be the most likely person who would have shot the gunman if I had been shot. So I think its safe to assume that the gunman was probably a former soldier or former sniper.

Our town has a pretty famous history of gun violence. We’ve been in a war with the government for almost three years now, and we’ve been the target of more than a hundred shootings. Most of these attacks have occurred in the past few months.

It’s pretty safe to say that this was no random gun battle. The gunman was probably a former soldier or former sniper who was trying to get back at the government for killing his fellow soldiers.

While it’s possible he was a former soldier or former sniper, there seems to be plenty of other reasons that he may have been a former soldier (and probably sniper) to attempt a shooting. He may have just been a jerk off or a jerk or a crazy nut. Or he may have been mentally unstable.

I don’t know.I don’t think it’s any of these things. But it’s pretty clear that it is.

The shooter was last seen coming out of the theater and apparently walking down the street toward the city’s central government building. He then ran straight into a crowd of people and was shot. Police have said that he was carrying a semi-automatic weapon, but no one has yet said what that weapon was. Police officials said that they don’t believe his victims were armed, though. All I could tell you is that the man was a mass murderer.

Some of the people we interviewed for this trailer were in the audience for a new one that I’m sure is a hit or miss, but I’m not sure if they were armed or not. The police department said that two of the people we interviewed were armed, but I’ll bet they were.

The most telling part in this trailer, though, was the fact that this killer is an ex-soldier. He apparently knew that he could only kill unarmed people. I guess that’s what happens when you have a semi-automatic weapon, but if you’re a mass murderer, you know you can’t stop until you get what you need.


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