nikki sixx tommy lee wedding

baby, nikki, drawing @ Pixabay

This is my favorite wedding in the world. My friend and I had such a great time, that we decided to do it again just a few days before our wedding. The food was incredible, the music was amazing, and the guests seemed to really enjoy themselves.

What is especially special about this event is that it’s on the same day that Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx are getting married. The ceremony will happen at the same time, but Nikki will be dressed in another couple’s wedding attire, and Tommy Lee will be in his own suit of armor in the midst of his own wedding planning. And of course, that’s not all.

The two were married in Los Angeles on May 3, 2013, in a ceremony that was broadcast live on the internet. Nikki and Tommy Lee then returned to the ceremony in New York on May 5th, 2013. Tommy Lee’s suit of armor was a customized version of the armor from Terminator Genisys, and he wore it with a special sword and dagger that was forged specially for the occasion.

This makes me want to watch a wedding, but I can’t help it.

I am not saying that it is all that special because I still like watching weddings on my computer screen. But it is a very cool, high-tech, and very cool-looking wedding. And the fact that we were able to watch this wedding live on the internet, on MTV, was awesome. The fact that Tommy Lee Leewis made a suit of armor customized specifically for the occasion is pretty cool too.

Tommy Lee Leewis’s Iron Suit and Iron Jacket, the armor that the Iron Man suits are made from, and the suit itself, is what made these suits so cool. It’s very cool that he made his armor specifically for the wedding and that he made it out of the most unique materials and designed it to withstand the most extreme conditions.

It’s hard to find a bad Tommy Lee Leewis joke online, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Basically, the Iron Man suit is made out of titanium, which is a super dense, high-grade metal. These suits of armor are the hardest materials you can find, and the fact that they can be made to withstand high temperatures is also one of the most amazing parts of the suit. They are extremely tough and can withstand everything from a bullet to a nuclear blast.

Well, that and the fact that there’s a guy in the suit who is a giant cock.

I am going to be honest with you. I am not a fan of the Iron Man suit. I think the reason I don’t like it is because it is made of titanium. Titanium is a super dense and high-grade metal. It is the hardest material you can find, which makes it incredibly difficult to break. It is made of a material that is both extremely rare and extremely expensive, and it is also toxic.

So to combat this, Iron Man has a special suit with a special shield to protect him from the very stuff he is made of. It also appears to be made of something that is toxic, as it turns out that there is a nuclear explosion on the island where the Iron Man suit is stored. So the Iron Man suit is super strong and also super dangerous. If it gets hit by a bullet, its shield can protect it from the explosion, too.


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