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I think that the term wedding dress has been around for a long time. I’m not sure why the name was used, but I’ve always associated it with a ceremony where a bride and groom are married before they officially get married. When a wedding is private, it’s called a civil ceremony, but when the couple is married in a church, the name is more commonly associated with weddings that are more formal.

I feel like the word “wedding” is also a little bit more like a religious term in this sense. When a person is getting married, they are making a vow to a person that they are going to be together forever. And the word “wedding” is a little bit like that too. Its like a religious ceremony that you are making a vow to a person that you are going to marry for eternity.

It’s a good analogy, but I think there is a real difference between the two words. A civil ceremony is a formal religious wedding, but in that sense it’s also a family gathering where all the people are going to be together for eternity. A wedding in the sense that the term is used to describe it, is an informal gathering of people who are going to spend eternity in the same room together.

People use the word “wedding” as a term to describe the entire event. But it is also used to describe a specific couple that has gotten together for the rest of eternity.

People are still using the word wedding to describe the actual event, but when they are talking about a wedding, they are usually referring to a specific couple. For example, the term wedding night is used to describe a specific evening of partying, where all the people are gathered by the time the DJ is playing a song called “wedding”.

There are times where you might use the word “wedding” as a verb, and that is the case with a wedding dress. For example, if a lady says that she is “wedding” to her boyfriend, then this is what she means. Or if she describes her wedding as a night out with her friends, then it is also a night out.

The term wedding describes any party where people are gathered by the time the party begins. So if you see two people on a street corner holding hands, this is not a wedding. Or if you see them walking down the street holding hands, this is a wedding. People can be married for a variety of reasons, such as the legal definition of marriage, or simply because the two individuals are in love.

So, while wedding and wedding dress are both used to mean the same thing, the meaning of the word “wedding” is much wider. Whereas the same word can mean different things in different contexts, the word “wedding” is often used for any occasion that involves two people getting married, as opposed to just a single person getting married or a group of people getting married.

The word wedding is often used for ceremonies for the ages, although it is also used for just any occasion where two people get together, regardless of age. So if you are looking to get married at age 19, you could be using the word wedding to mean any occasion where two people get together.

I don’t know why this is, but I still think wedding is a better word than wedding dress.


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