pure nudism

forest, dark, magic @ Pixabay

I am a nudist, not a nudist! I am a woman who doesn’t let the nudist culture define me. I don’t believe that having a dress code is necessary to be a nudist. I believe that being a nudist is a lifestyle choice, like clothing: you could wear an old-fashioned dress and go to work every day or wear a pair of skinny jeans and go to school.

It is true that, in its purest form, nudism is a lifestyle. It’s a way of life that people can choose to live. But there is also a social contract with nudists. It’s not really a contract, it’s a set of values, beliefs, and traditions that people can either live by or not.

I think that the social contract with nudists is one that has evolved over many years. It was first introduced through a book called Nudity in the Community of Men, written by a male nudist who wanted to educate the world about sex, nudity, and sexual freedom. The book was written by a male nudist, but the book was also published in women’s bookstores.


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