ruffled wedding cake

eichhornia crassipes, flower, ruffles @ Pixabay

My mom and I were married very late in life. I remember many of the details, but I can’t really recall every detail. I do, however, remember one detail. We had a ruffled wedding cake.

In celebration of the fact that we are now married twice, and both times for only one night (we were married on our honeymoon), we received a ruffled wedding cake. It was a wedding cake shaped like a wedding ring, and a few strands of string. It really wasn’t all that much fun.

I think you could probably put a ring on that cake too. (I know I have.

That is, of course, until someone got ahold of it and made it into a ring.

The wedding ring was actually the brainchild of a couple of the game designers, and was originally going to be a generic ring to hold a fancy piece of jewelry, but I had just started working on the game, and it was the best idea I could think of.

I mean, I guess it still looks nice, but it’s a little weird to hold in public, too.

There is no ring on Blackreef, but I did get a few other pieces of jewelry that I’ll be putting around my neck when I’m playing.

The wedding ring is designed to be worn on a chain, so I’m not sure how it will fit over your finger. I would probably get a ring with a big silver lanyard, but I’m not sure if Ill bother with that.

There is a lanyard, but Ill just leave it on for now. Ill also add a cute little bow, so Ill leave that to the designer.

The nice thing about ruffles is that you can do them as much as you like. I like it because I can move around the cake and the whole thing can be more interesting to watch than just its shape. I think that’s kind of weird because I don’t like to see my cake move around, so I don’t even like it when it’s on display.


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