the return in french


It seems that some people still believe that the return we get in France is the same one we get here. They still think that the French eat, drink, and dress like us. In this article I will take a look at the changes that have occurred in France since the time that we first started exploring this country, and try to explain why there is a difference.

The first thing that we have to keep in mind is that we are the same people that we were at the beginning of the year. The only major difference is that we have found ourselves in a new place that has a completely different language, food, and culture. In this article we will compare the French version of the game, to the English version.

A few things have changed, but let’s first take a look at the French version of the game. Before we go into that, we should note that there are quite a few differences in the new French version of the game. For starters, it is a little easier to play. At the time of this writing, the French version of the game is the only version that allows you to make your own characters.

The new version of the game also features a new way of creating your characters. The only way to do this is to have a creator of a character or two create your character first, then you can drag and drop images of them onto the blank area of the game. This is a very convenient way to make your character, and the same goes for creating different characters for different races.

The new concept is that you can create different characters for each race. This allows you to create a variety of different characters for different races, so you’ll always have characters of different races with different looks, abilities, and personalities. Of course, all of your characters can have different strengths and weaknesses, and can have different genders, and of course they can have different hairstyles.

In addition to the new concept, there are also new powers available, so you can create different character-types for different races. Now, we don’t know if we can get them in time to play it in alpha, but it is a very interesting direction for the game.

Yes, there are still some characters of different races. You can find them on the island. But they are all made of different materials, which may be a bit harder to find sometimes.

A lot of people think about the game as a collection of games. Not only are they not entirely in the same league, but they contain a lot of different types of characters. For example, the main characters are the Black-haired guys. They are all male, but they also have different hair types, so they are really all male.

Well, the Black-haired guys are an exception. They are the only race in the game that are all male. The others are the Red-haired people who have red hair and other races with blonde hair. The Red-haired people are the only ones with their hair red.

Red-haired people are a race of people that have red hair. The White-haired people are another type of people that have white hair. The Yellow-haired people are another type of people that have yellow hair. The Gold-haired people are another type of people that have gold hair. The Black-haired people are other races that have black hair. The Green-haired people are other races that have green hair.


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