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this is the world’s largest twitter page and the third most popular page in internet history.

The first paragraph of the tweet below is my very best attempt at a witty headline, so you can tell that I’m a bit tongue-in-cheek. I’m also pretty sure that no one who reads this site cares that my first tweet wasn’t witty.

wdw is a news feed that aggregates news from every site on the internet. The page itself is about the size of the average paper, and is about 3.5 times larger than the entire wdw twitter page itself. I like that Im a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I also like that wdw has such a huge following.

I would encourage you to check this out, because every time you post a tweet on a new site, every time you post a new tweet, you will always be on Twitter. You can see it in an order here.

I have a couple of questions for wdw, and I hope to get them answered in the next hour or so.

Firstly, the page seems to be created by a bunch of the twitter accounts that follow me. I always wonder why this is.

For example, the page with my new page and all my tweets is by @wdw. If I want to say something, I just tweet it out. I don’t have to come up with a new tweet for every new thing I want to say. I’m still only a few hours into the tweet, so I would say that the page is created in the last week.

I could be wrong and wdw could be a bot, but the page is very very very very very very active. I am also not sure about the number of tweets that get posted on it.

A page by wdw is created when a user clicks a link to a page on wdw.net and gets a page back. You can see the number of tweets that get posted to the wdw.net page on the wdw.net page. There is only a single Twitter account that posts there. That seems to be the only official source for this page. In fact, you can see that that twitter account (which has no connection to wdw.

wdw.net is a public domain domain that provides the public with access to a lot of the content on wdw.net. However, there is a twitter account set up for that. They are called wdw@wdw.net and are run by the same person who runs the wdw.net page. They post a lot of tweets of their own. The tweets are not posted from the wdw.net page.


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