weather in westerville ohio

lake, rocks, forest @ Pixabay

Westerville is a small city in the north central part of the state. Weather in this town can be unpredictable. Some days, you can’t wait to get out of the house and go outside. Other days, you can’t wait to get home and turn on the heat. But I must say, it does not rain nearly as much here as most places. I do not remember seeing rain for almost two weeks straight.

Weather is one of the most important elements of any weather map, which is why the weather in Westerville is so important. The weather here in Westerville varies from snowy and chilly to hot and humid. As a result, the weather map for Westerville has changed regularly. As an example, when I first came here, there was a lot of rainy days. Now, there is not too much rain, and when there is it is usually pretty mild and pleasant.


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