wedding dress with ruffles on bottom

balloons, heart, sky @ Pixabay

Yes, the ruffles are not just for the wedding dress. They are a way to use those pretty pearls you just purchased to create a ruffle effect around your neck.

The ruffle or ruffles are really the best part. That’s where your neck ends and your beautiful dress starts. They are also an easy way to use those pretty ruffles that you just bought to create a more elegant and classic look. It’s the perfect finishing touch to a wedding dress, or a nice jacket, for that matter. To see the ruffles in action, watch the trailer above.

If you’ve read the book or seen the trailer, you’ll definitely have an idea of the look of this particular dress. But you will also have a good idea of how the ruffles around the neck will look. The ruffles are placed on the bottom of the dress itself, and in the video above, you can see them in action.


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