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I’m here with WTVR 8 News, I’m your host, and I’m here with a story going around the world. I’m not talking about the story, but just the fact that you all are watching this story. The story involves a woman in China, who is now being held hostage by terrorists. The news is very graphic. She’s been held hostage for days.

The story is told in a very graphic and disturbing way, but it is not all that surprising. The terrorists have been targeting women in China for a long time, so women are usually a target nowadays. I don’t know about you, but I could definitely care less about this woman right now. But if you are a woman in China, you should be very intrigued by this story.

It is a very disturbing story. As a general rule, terrorist attacks do not usually turn out to be anything more than a failed suicide bombing. The problem here is that the terrorists have been using women as human shields, and now they are being forced to endure what amounts to rape and torture for days on end. But that’s not all. They also have guns. This is a story about a woman being held hostage in China.

A woman was taken hostage this afternoon in a terrorist attack in China. No one knows exactly what was said in the terrorist attack, but one of the terrorists is a woman. This is a very disturbing story and the one thing I am most concerned about is that this story will be played out in your country. It is highly likely that this woman will not be reunited with her husband.

This story has been on my mind for awhile now. I don’t see the woman being released so much as the terrorist’s family being told that they will be reunited with the woman. This does make me think that China has a much higher rate of terrorist attacks than the U.S.

The WTVR 8 news story is a story that is not likely to happen in your country. The story is about a woman who was kidnapped and murdered. The two men who are the subject of the story are the only ones who were captured alive. The men were taken away for questioning and then put under pressure to reveal the identities of the men who were kidnapped. Of course they are going to do this to the woman who was kidnapped.

It seems as though the WTVR 8 story has been getting a lot of attention in China, but it does not seem to be receiving a lot of coverage there. It’s not that everyone in China is a fan of the story. It is just that the story is not likely to happen to you or your country. Even if you lived in the U.S. and every day were kidnapped and murdered by a terrorist organization, you would not see the news about the story.

The story is being shown in China. Maybe you’re in the news about the story.

That said, if you live in China and every day were kidnapped by a terrorist organization, you would probably be seeing the news about the story.

There are a lot of people who feel the same way. Many of the major news outlets reported on the story last night, but most of the news outlets from other countries only report on stories they feel are important, not the story itself. This is a good thing too. When the news outlets have to rely on emotion and personal opinion, it takes away from some of the most important news and prevents news outlets from being as accurate as they otherwise would be.

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