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R. Bhandarkar thought that the invasion was undertaken by Bhoja to avenge the demise of his uncle Munja by the Later Chalukya king Tailapa. This cause does not seem convincing; for there’s an interval of thirty-four years between the murder of Munja (A.D. 975) and Bhoja’s invasion of Konkan (A.D. 1019). Perhaps, as Altekar has instructed, Arikesarin acknowledged the suzerainty of the Later Chalukyas, which Bhoja did not like. Bhoja seems to have occupied North Konkan for some time as is shown by his Betma plates.

Civil Disobedience along with the devastating Great Depression affected Bombay with great severity. Unemployment incidental to despair was a big political issue as a end result of the labour drive was highly volatile. The volatility was built up from years of inflation, recession, wage cuts and retrenchment. The Government had failed to resolve the city’s urgent social issues. Hence civil disobedience additionally brought in its trail a component of violence. Secondly, it additionally brought with it boycott of overseas firms and goods, while Government and industrialists vociferously propagated that civil disobedience had intensified the evil effects of the melancholy.

This and follow-up stories on the desperate famine scenario in Northern Kenya prompted day by day attention within the Kenyan media, which has historically shown a lack of curiosity within the plight of the isolated and impoverished regions of Northern Kenya. Her major audience connected to a robust, human story and not the information that might recommend donations could possibly be more properly invested in development. On the flip side, teachers may do much more to ensure the openness and accessibility of their work. By now, dozens of academic research have been produced concerning the “datafication of journalism,” with a particular emphasis on the evolution of instruments for knowledge storytelling and its impact on journalistic ethics and approaches (for an summary, see Ausserhofer et al., 2020).

Nor are there wanting other motions of the whale in his general body, full of strangeness, and unaccountable to his most skilled assailant. Dissect him how I might, then, I but go pores and skin deep; I know him not, and by no means will. But if I know not even the tail of this whale, how understand his head?

Steel and wood included, the complete spear is a few ten or twelve feet in size; the workers is far slighter than that of the harpoon, and likewise of a lighter material—pine. It is furnished with a small rope known as a warp, of appreciable size, by which it can be hauled back to the hand after darting. Soon, whereas the crews have been awaiting the arrival of the ship, the physique confirmed symptoms of sinking with all its treasures unrifled.

That’s the way—that’s it; thy throat ain’t spoiled with eating Amsterdam butter. I depart a white and turbid wake; pale waters, paler cheeks, where’er I sail. The envious billows sidelong swell to whelm my observe; allow them to; but first I pass.

Be all this as it could, his voice was now typically heard hailing the three mast-heads and admonishing them to keep a shiny look-out, and never omit reporting even a porpoise. Nor was there wanting nonetheless one other precautionary motive extra associated myphotowallet reviews to Ahab personally. From even the hardly hinted imputation of usurpation, and the possible consequences of such a suppressed impression gaining ground, Ahab must after all have been most anxious to guard himself.

It was in Queen Anne’s time that the bone was in its glory, the farthingale being then all the fashion. And as those ancient dames moved about gaily, though in the jaws of the whale, as you may say; even so, in a shower, with the like thoughtlessness, will we nowadays fly under the identical jaws for defense; the umbrella being a tent spread over the identical bone. If you’re an entire stranger to their race, you might hunt over these two heads for hours, and by no means uncover that organ. The ear has no exterior leaf no matter; and into the hole itself you can hardly insert a quill, so wondrously minute is it. With respect to their ears, this necessary distinction is to be observed between the sperm whale and the proper. While the ear of the previous has an external opening, that of the latter is totally and evenly lined over with a membrane, in order to be quite imperceptible from with out.

“A tenth department of the king’s strange income, stated to be grounded on the consideration of his guarding and defending the seas from pirates and robbers, is the best to royal fish, which are whale and sturgeon. And these, when either thrown ashore or caught near the coast, are the property of the king.” —Blackstone. “Here they noticed such large troops of whales, that they were pressured to proceed with quite a lot of caution for fear they should run their ship upon them.” —Schouten’s Sixth Circumnavigation.

The Bhandar­kar Oriental Research Institute(It was formally inaugurated by Lord Willingdon, Governor, on 6 July 1917.) was founded at Pune by his disciples and admirers as a temple of learning. This was the first university in India to confess women to all degress in 1883. (London was the first British University to throw its diploma open to girls, in 1878. Oxford and Cambridge took a for a lot longer time to get over their prejudice towards the fair intercourse.) There was an extended drawn out controversy over the desirability of general education as in opposition to specialisation upto B. The stalwarts like Telang, Bhandarkar, Pherozeshah Mehta and Chimanlal Setalvad who wore the robes of vice-chancellorship, were ranged on the facet of basic schooling. A remarkable feature of the late sixties in Bombay was the expansion of popular interest in municipal affairs.