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In the north, our winter weather is often harsh and gray. On the east coast, summer is short and sweet. We have plenty of sunshine, but it can get hot and humid in the summer. The summer months are generally the most productive, but you can still find the occasional rain storm.

This season is really the best one for our outdoor adventures. Even in the dead of winter, we have plenty of snowfall. The snowfall is often followed by some torrential downpours, which bring with them some of the best winter rain we’ve had in years.

Winter months are short and sweet, but it’s still true that one year is usually the same as the next. In the summertime, though, the sun is out longer, so we can get much more sun without spending a fortune in electricity. This season is also the least productive of the summer months, but we can still get the sun and rain we need without spending a lot of money on electricity (and gas).

This is a good time to remember that we used to always get the best summer rain when we lived in the Midwest. Remember when your car couldn’t go out in the middle of the summer? How about this time? We used to live in Kansas.

And remember when the summer rains were so good that they came out of the sky and the sun couldnt even dry your clothes before the water turned to mud? Remember how much you loved staying in the shade in the middle of the summer? Remember when water stayed calm and warm and delicious and so refreshing and you used to always get the most sun and the best rain you could? Yeah, that was when summer was the best time.

Now we live in Minnesota. We don’t have the kind of weather that really makes good summer fun, so we have to do some planning.

Well, now that we’re in the summer, it’s not so bad. The weather here in Minnesota is usually in the middle of summer, and we rarely have the kind of weather that makes us really enjoy summer. But that also means that we don’t have a ton of water and that’s a big deal. It’s also not very cold, so it’s not so awful either.

In Minnesota, we have so much water that there is a lot of rain. That said, the rain makes the spring and fall more interesting. So, in the summer, we have more snow. In the winter, we get lots of rain. In the spring, we get lots of snow. In the fall, we get lots of rain. So, in general, the summer is kind of a tossup, and in the winter, it’s a tossup.

The rest of the year, we have lots of rain and the winter is a tossup. So summer is pretty quiet, and the rest of the year is a tossup. In the winter we get lots of snow, and the rest of the year we get lots of rain. But when the winter is over, we are back in a pretty nice place. Its snowing in Minnesota, but the weather is warm.

Allison’s weather is pretty nice, but it’s not the climate of Minnesota.


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