Computer Systems Last Flashcards


Consumers read product descriptions and critiques and compare features and prices of comparable merchandise. Network interface playing cards are particular adapters that link a person device to the communications medium on a neighborhood area network. A variation of the round-robin scheduler is the regressive round-robin scheduler. This scheduler assigns every course of a time quantum and a priority. The preliminary worth of a time quantum is 50 milliseconds.

In a _______, individuals can use a chat window to send typed messages to each other. Members of a _____ similar to Twitter can post messages of up to one hundred forty characters or links to Web pages. Pirated copies of movies are often created right now by videotaping them with a camcorder during a prerelease screening or on the opening day of a film.

Two small industrial crops represent balanced three-phase loads. The crops receive their power from a balanced three-phase source with a line voltage of four.6 kV rms. Plant 1 is rated at 300 kVA, 0.eight pf lagging, and plant 2 is rated at 350 kVA, zero.8 pf lagging. Thanks to the Internet, millions of people around the boxed lifestyle decal world can share all kinds of info and services. To check the _____ of an internet resource, confirm the facts that the resource supplies. One way to refine a search term is to use a word base, or ____________ , to broaden the search.

A Web web site like that’s designed particularly that can assist you find data on the Web. Unlike application software program packages, which run in a window in your desktop, _____ often run within the background each time they’re wanted. Widgets or gadgets are _____ packages that seem on the desktop and show little pieces of data similar to a calendar.

Often used as keyloggers to steal passwords to online accounts, _____disguise themselves as helpful applications like utilities. A net crawler, an indexer, a database, and a question processor are all parts of this. This supplies high-speed Internet connections through the cable tv network. Make positive the photos and video clips show a sense of humor.

If you aren’t quoting word for word, you do not want to cite the source. Computers want this hardware to join to a community. Skype and Tango are examples of this type of service.

Because a blogger would not have to be online at the same time that readers are, a blog is considered _____ communication. A program with a graphical person interface for displaying HTML files, used to navigate the World Wide Web. The set of rules that makes it attainable to use the Internet for telephone or videophone communication. An electronic hardware system used for getting into information into and displaying data from a pc. Computers used primarily by giant organizations for important applications, bulk information processing, such because the census. The global network of interconnected computer systems that talk freely and share and exchange info.

Uniform useful resource locator, A location or handle figuring out the place paperwork could be discovered on the Internet. Irrelevant or inappropriate messages despatched on the Internet to large variety of recipients. An working system change that fixes bugs, improves safety, or enhances options known as a ________. Ability to market goods and providers to very small on-line audiences, because of lowered prices of reaching these small market segments. Using your college or native library and the Internet, analysis information on the clergy during the middle ages. Based on your research and the fabric you learn, how would you classify their non secular organization?

You can use this gadget for video chatting in addition to browsing the Internet. A community the place every laptop is the identical as others and maintains its own working system and software software. A non-public corporate network for use by employees to coordinate e-mail and communications. Type of community that allows an organization to permit outsiders, like customers or suppliers, to access part of its community.