Heartstring Story


I don’t know where to begin. I’d wish to wish Ms. Corn Bread and Master Attendant a cheerful vacation. Little Apple, what are you doing? Class is beginning soon.

Complete Story Stages and choose the right decisions to increase fondness stage of one of two meals souls.The corresponding chest may be claimed once the food soul reaches 80 fondness. Once reset, all story stages a food label shows vitamin d with 15% next to it. what does 15% represent? could be replayed once more. Once you’ve accomplished the event and claimed the relative chests, then you may spend 240 Crystals to reset the Story Event to assert the other chest. You must ask? Of course I return laden with treasures!

If you don’t have in your uniform, Ms. Zoe goes to scold us again. A ferocious-looking Fallen Angel before her fell slowly to the bottom with a plaintive whine. I’m not nervous about that. The Guild has made preparations on that end.What’s more, Fallen Angels are a rare sight this time of 12 months. To claim the opposite chests, you’ll want to succeed in the required Food Soul Fondness Level for the relative chest. Attendants can spend forty five Crystals for a hundred Action Power.

Complete Battle Stages for smaller quantities of rewards.Battle Stages may be swept for rewards as soon as you’ve got accomplished it the primary time. Story Stages need to be reset with crystals to obtain the other chest. But there’s so much to say.

Her response was, as ever, filled with vitality. Her words had an infectiousness that lifted people’s spirits.She threw off the web she was carrying, and a bag fell to the bottom, giving off a muffled sound and stirring up a cloud of dust. As she spoke, as if she had abruptly remembered one thing, American Corn Bread’s mouth broke into a happy smile.She patted the searching rifle in her arms, like she was seeing an old pal. Be pleased. Today is a uncommon day.

Too rare to spend crying. Although, right now’s share might be slightly bigger, right? A mountain rhino is sufficient meals for the camp for per week. One mountain rhino. One black-horned goat.American Corn Bread sat down beside the fireplace, the corners of her mouth curved into a glad smile. All treasure chests throughout this Story Event can only be claimed once.

Limited to 10 every day purchases. There might be options to choose out through the Storyline Q&A which will not enhance Fondness degree. Spend 15 Crystals to change selections. 3 day by day refreshes.

Challenging event battle stages won’t eat stamina. Instead, it’s going to devour “Action Power” which is exclusive to the event. When the story stage resets, randomly obtain 8 or .