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Today’s news: Houston’s economy seems to be doing just fine, and the unemployment rate is at a record low. But many Houstonians worry about the city’s future and its economic prospects in the years to come.

In a city where unemployment is near 2%, it’s hard to believe that the Houston economy has grown so quickly in the past several years. Houston has the fourth-highest GDP per capita in the country. It’s also ranked first (in the midwest) for the lowest unemployment rate in the country. In addition, Houston has the second-highest household wealth and the third-highest median household income.

Even though the Houston economy is the fourth-highest, the city is still struggling with the high cost of living, and it is certainly not the nation’s most affordable place to live. As a result, many Houstonians are not only concerned about the future of the city, but also its economic future.

That’s not to say that Houston’s economy is doomed. The city did not suffer a huge drop in employment during the recession, and that is likely to be the case in the future. However, the fact that Houston has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country does make it more difficult for businesses to get started. And now that the housing market is in a slump, Houston’s housing prices are set to fall even further.

Houston’s housing market is also affected by the fact that the city’s population is shrinking. The Houston housing market was already in a slump before the housing crash. The only time that the economy did not affect the general economy was during the Great Depression. However, things are changing now. With the stock market crashing, the housing market has taken its first major downturn in a long time. This is the perfect time to be raising a family in the city.

It’s a good thing that the Houston housing market is the most important economic indicator, because it has an effect on the housing market, by driving down the housing market’s growth. If you look at the data on the home price, which is now down $7,000 to $8,100, the housing market is down $1,000 to $1,600.

In addition to the downward trend in the home price, the same study found that Houston is the most expensive big city in Texas. Now that’s a real problem. Houston has the highest income inequality of any major American city. It has the highest percentage of the population living outside the city limits.

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