lightner museum wedding


This is a picture of two people who are getting married. The woman is in the right side of the frame and the man is in the left. These aren’t people who are in any way close-knit or close-lipped. They are two people who are in love and enjoying each other’s company.

The picture shows the couple sitting at a wedding table. Everyone at the wedding party seems to be wearing their best outfit and smiling. This is a picture of people actually being married, not just being happy. The picture is also a portrait of the couple. The man is in the center and the woman is at the far left. The woman is in her wedding dress and the man is wearing a suit.

It is always interesting to see an intimate wedding where the bride and groom are actually dressed up. The couple seemed to be dressed up and out of place at an in-person wedding. The man’s dress is a red suit jacket and a white shirt; the woman’s outfit is a black dress with a white jacket and a red shirt. This is a wedding that is both intimate and formal. It’s a very romantic setting and the couple seems to be having a great time.


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