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It has been a while since I have published a piece on But I feel I should at least share the news with you.

What happened was that this blogger, called s.l.i.n., has been blogging on for a few years now. After a few years of writing on, he decided he wanted to start his own blog. His new blog has been called s.l.i.n.t. He chose because it’s where his old blog was, and sullivanindependent.

Since is where his old site was, s.l.i.n.t. was pretty much just in place to keep his old site alive. It’s where he could put an RSS feed to give you some of his old posts, and keep your new blog up to date with all of his new posts. I got to know him a bit over a year ago, and I love him. His blog is a great, informative, and entertaining read. is where he and I had our first real conversation. We chatted about our love of video games, his love of gaming, and the fact that he’s a huge fan of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens series. That he has a video game blog made me realize the big-hearted, easy-going dude I’d always thought he was.

He is super nice and the blog is a great place to get involved. I know my posts are a bit brief, but Sullivan has a real passion for what he does, and I encourage you to check it is where your new blog will live for the rest of the year.

The blog isn’t completely independent though. It is owned and operated by Sullivan, and he has a few other folks that work there. He also owns and operates this website, and he’s the primary owner of all the content on it. That means that he can say what he wants and say it on his own website, and that he can say it on his blog and in videos on YouTube, and make any video he wants.

I think the best part of being independent is that there is no one who you could point to and say, “Hey, Sullivan, this sounds good,” and not expect him to follow through. I want you to know that the things that you see in the video are all Sullivan’s ideas, but you’re not going to see his name ever appear on my blog, and you can’t be told what to write about.

If you like your independence, you’ll love sullivan independent news. It’s the news that you’ll see at the end of your internet search. That’s the best part about sullivan independent news.

We are proud of our independent news site, and we really believe in it. However, if you don’t like us, you wont read our blog. If you don’t like our comments, youll find them here, and if you don’t like our videos, youll just stay at home and watch them on other sites. Sullivan independent news is a news site on the internet that doesn’t need your help.

And if you dont like our blog, you dont need to like our comments or blog. You can just leave us your own blog and comments. That’s what sullivan independent news is all about. It takes no time and makes no cost at all to make your own independent news site. When you visit our site, youll see that we have a lot of great content. Thats why you can trust sullivan independent news.


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