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Jatis are the forerunners of ragas or the mother or father ragas, which gave delivery to all Classical ragas and formalized deshiragas. After Bharata, Kohala, Matanga and other Sanskrit Musicologists made their contributions and hundreds and hundreds of ragas developed with their new and novel themes and types. The historic gramas were gradually replaced by murcchanas .

There are six elements of Shiksha – letters , accent , time consumed in articulating vowel , effort Melodius chanting of mantras and conjugation of letters . If some mistake is committed in any of the above six, as a substitute of giving the desired result it can prove to be disastrous as well. The works which have been written in sutra type proved to be very helpful in understanding the Vedas. That is why they were named as ‘Vedangas’ also i.e. the research accessory to the Vedas.

Because of the numerous myths and legends having marvellous poetic magnificence the Brahmana granthas occupy a novel place in Vedic Literature. The Philosophical thought and cosmological information of these books is important. The Kshatriyas were the defendants, the Vaishyas have been merchants a rightward shift of the ad curve in the very steep upper part of the short-run as curve will: and earned cash for the country whereas shudras have been described as ‘Tapas’ which perhaps symbolizes the physical labour. The essential contents of all the Brahmanas are nearly the same. There are two major divisions of the contents of those –vidhi and arthavada.

They have been made up to behave and converse like human beings. There is a primary story and other brief stories are interwoven into it. Generally the entire story is in prose however the ethical or the lesson derived from them is normally given in verses. In Sanskrit literature Panchatantra and Hitapadesh are the preferred works of this style. Ramayana is each a work of art and the mirror of a perfect human soul.

Panini\’s many sutras contain references to a dwelling speech. He has mentioned the peculiarities within the usage of the language by easterners and northerners. Panini is, at present, recognised all over the world as the greatest model of human intelligence.