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Being the final episode to air in the 2000s, it initially aired on the Fox community within the United States on December thirteen, 2009. In this episode, Bart goes on a quest to get a baby brother out of jealousy of the sisterly bond Lisa has with Maggie. It’s at all times easiest to spotlight the diametric opposite nature of the present in its prime and the present now once they retread on jokes they’ve carried out earlier than. Bart waits with bated breath for the announcement that his college will have a snow day… but to no avail.

The whole Simpson family stays at residence throughout a blizzard. The climate is just too wild to play outdoors and the ability goes out, so Bart participates in a pretend fashion show put on by his sisters, Lisa and Maggie. When he notices the bond shared by the two women, Lisa suggests that he’s jealous as a result of he doesn’t have a brother to share an identical bond with. Bart awakens with the realization that he truly wants a brother. Chuck glowers at Lily and tells her that he’s surprised she desires this information to turn into public; she is confused, then understands.

Elsewhere, Nate and Blair attempt to assist a very intoxicated and raveled Chuck to the door. They attempt to get him to take a stroll to sober up and get him talking. Back at the church, Lily thanks Dan for coming and supporting the family.

Join to speak about the wiki, Simpsons and Tapped Out information, or just to talk to different users. IGN’s Robert Canning gave the episode a 7.6/10, saying “The episode did well by sticking to at least one primary story instead of including a weaker “B” storyline to fill the half hour.” The episode was considered by 7.11 million folks with a Nielsen Rating of three.2/8 and got here in second on the Animation Domination lineup slightly behind Family Guy. The Simpsons was the third most seen episode on Fox, after Family Guy and Bones. The episode was third ranked on Fox within the 18–49 score after Family Guy and Glee and made it at 21 in all.

That mean boy took me to a scary film and he covered his sister’s doll in peanut butter and bird seed. Now, you most likely think Sever V is a rip-off of Sever IV, but it’s truly based on the rich history of Hong Kong torture movies. You know, the orphan is for my folks– they cannot have more youngsters. And even when we did have one other baby, it may not be a boy. But your father and I suppose that three youngsters is just good.

D had broken up together with his girlfriend and then gotten again together along with her and damaged up with her once more. In this way, the affair had turn into public, and virtually everybody hated me for my position in it. I was so anxious and depressed I literally couldn’t eat, and infrequently couldn’t sleep. The scene of Bart telling his friends gospel music cruise 2016 about his baby brother dilemma seems and is “animated” like South Park. In case you have been questioning about the content material of Chuck’s letter to Blair, he tells her that he’s sorry for every thing, that she deserves significantly better and he asks her to not search for him. Quite frankly, I hope Blair doesn’t observe his request.