The unusual travels of the Happy Skyscraper


Do you already know the Happy Skyscraper? Have you heard about his travels around the world? Do you know why he’s still traveling the world? Interesting facts ciekawostki about the smiling traveler

Skyscrapers all over the world are very tall buildings. But there is also the smallest skyscraper in the world. The Happy Skyscraper is the size of a toothpaste box. It has many windows and a wide smile. Attention, this smile infects people with laughter!

Happy travels and Good Humor Party

It was first photographed in Manhattan, New York City. It was in 2012. Soon, he began to be photographed in more places around the world. Europe, South America, Asia, Australia… To date, he has visited 700 cities in 70 countries and continues to travel.

Happy Skyscraper is the symbolic seat of a cheerful, international organization called the Good Humor Party. It was founded in 2001 to make people smile more often. The organization was established in Poland, in one of the European countries. Its originator and president is a well-known Polish satirist – Szczepan Sadurski. He is a press cartoonist and an event caricaturist. He is called one of the fastest caricaturists in the world, because he draws one caricature for 100 seconds or less.

From the huge amount of travel, we have selected a few places in the world where the Happy Skyscraper was photographed. Here they are.

Newcastle, UK

270,000 people live in Newcastle upon Tyne. Football fans associate this city because of the Newcastle United F.C. team, which plays in the Premier League. The city lies on the Tyne Estuary, close to the North Sea.

The Happy Skyscraper was photographed here next to the famous Tyne Bridge, i.e. a bridge over the River Tyne (it was built in 1925 and is 389 meters long). Also on the Quayside, next to the Queen Elizabeth II Metro Bridge (built in 1976 and 360 meters long). The smiling traveler was also photographed next to the St. Pauls in the town of Jarrow. In this church in 735, the monk Bede translated the Gospel of Saint John into Old English. The Happy Skyscraper also visited the Souter Lighthouse in Marsden.

Napier, New Zealand

After traveling to the big city of Auckland, the Happy Skyscraper visited the city of Napier (Ahuriri). It is a port city of 60,000 located on the east coast of the North Island (one of the two main islands of New Zealand). Napier lies 320 kilometers northeast of the state capital, Wellington. This is one of New Zealand’s popular tourist destinations, and its Art Deco architecture impresses tourists.

Black River Monastery, Serbia

Crna Reka – is an Orthodox male monastery in the Mokra Gora mountain massif. It is located near the city of Novi Pazar in Serbia. It is not known who its founder was, it is known that it probably existed already in the 12th century. Unlike many other Serbian monasteries, it has never been destroyed, so it has retained its original medieval appearance to this day. Currently, four monks live in this place, which was personally checked by Happy Skyscraper.

You can also see photos and information about WesoĊ‚y Skyscraper’s journeys on the following websites:, and


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