Warhammer 40k Tech Priest Cosplay


This was the primary time I obtained to try everything on and see the way it all fit together. It is necessary to assess the look of the whole costume as a whole earlier than you start to paint and weather. Again you’ll be able to see a condensed construct video of the servo cranium on my YouTube channel. After the basic form of the robe was sewn together I painstakingly went via and cut out all of the cog particulars and sewed them onto the garments hood, sleeves, and hem. Honestly, that is in all probability one of the best stitching I even have ever done.

Anything looks handmade even if nevertheless be agreed tall high quality. And in fact, there are the humor on this photograph shoot as properly. I commute on whether or not to be Skitarii Ranger/ Vanguard or a Tech Priest. Skitarii would be easier to make because of the more streamlined look, however tech clergymen have at all times limitless prospects. I’ve accomplished a little cosplay in the past and all the time wanted to try my hand at a techpriest costume in some unspecified time within the future, and that is one thing I’ve been thinking about for awhile.

Luckily for this build I truly have an old BioShock motorized patriot masks mold that I am going to re purpose for my priest. I add some extra resin cast bits and flush them out with some appoxi sculpt. Next up on my Warhammer 40K Tech Priest cosplay I wished to start the back pack with the servo arm.

Random pvc pipes and numerous foam bit had been used to detail the skull with some metal augmentations. I made certain to incorporate my LEDs within the construct earlier than it received to far. These are 3v 5mm LEDs which have a fundamental on off switch and a coin battery to run everything.

More and more pipes and hoses had been added till I received the look I wanted. The Tech Priest servo arm was based out of PVC pipes and couplers. The arm was glued collectively but not at the lowest junction in order that it could presumably be taken off of the pack for transport. I felt this is in a position to give it more of the massive bulky feel warhammer tends to have. The entrance grip was also blocked out and resin forged parts were added for added element.

The Mars cranium brand was etched and reduce out on my glowforge laser cutter. This is the place I could make all of those details I even have been painstakingly constructing look awesome. This step begins off by applying a wash of Liquitex heavy physique Mars Black to each prop. Once this dries I return with the identical black, however no water, and really scrub the pigment into locations that might be extraordinarily grimy and soiled. Once that dries I start the highlight course of on the entire metallic bits.

It was glued into place with Barge cement and Bob Smith super glue. The deal with was made out of 1″ PVC pipe and is designed to interrupt down into four pieces to simply fit into a collection case for journey. One factor that all the time jumps out at me when people make techpriest cosplays is that I find it obvious when people just slap tech-y bits on a pink gown and put on it, they usually just appear to be an individual in a gown and that is about it. If you assume about how techpriests actually look, they tend to be grossly misshapen as a end result of their augmetics, with weird lumpy bits, hunched backs, oddly shaped heads and so forth. Even if you do not go full Cawl or something ridiculous like that, I think it pays to stay some bits and items under your robe that distort your shape a bit, and bulk out your silhouette somewhat.

Most of this will be covered up within the had painting process but It makes an enormous difference having these colors down as a base. Once I had the inner working of the voice changer the place they wanted to be, it was only a matter of adding extra details to the field to make it look more attention-grabbing. I placed some random wires and hoses on the box, so I could get a sense of what the completed product to look like.

Not only did I take a bunch of pics for the build thread, however I filmed so much for my YouTube channel. I would recommend to not solely watch the videos but learn through the steps it took to convey this character to life. I’ve received a few movies edited now, however I’ll be adding more as I work via the collected content. I just lately finished a Warhammer 40K servo cranium and posted the video for that construct today on YouTube.

The Tech Priests Robe was clearly waaaay to clean for Mars so it wanted some good quaint weathering. The process began by spraying some Krylon black and gray primer immediately onto the fabric tech n9ne concert 2015. This gave it a sooty greasy look that I although went properly with the Priest. The similar Krylon Rust Red was used to slightly shade the white areas across the hood, sleeves, and hem.