wedding day at troldhaugen

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The wedding day that we’ve been dreaming about all summer long, in our minds in all its glory, is finally here. We are so excited that the day has finally arrived that we had to share a few pictures of our favorite moments from the day.

On the day that we are finally getting married, our friends from Troldhaugen, our very own troldhaugen-fancy wedding, will be making their way to our church in the hills west of Munich. They will be making the long trek from Haidhausen, the nearest town to our special location, where they will spend the day enjoying Bavarian wedding traditions and enjoying some of Germany’s best cheeses and wines.

They will be making the long trek. And I don’t think they’ll be doing it alone. We, the Troldhaugen-fancy wedding guests, are all invited to join them in welcoming them. And we are, in fact, invited to be their bridesmaids.

We all know that getting married a few days before the wedding is very risky. And this one has a lot of risk because of a few things. First, theyre all going to be there on your wedding day. Second, theyre all going to be there for the entire ceremony, and third, theyre all going to be there, and its all you.

Well, we’re not actually invited to the wedding, so we’re not really going to be there. But we are, in fact, all going to be there for the entire ceremony. Because we’re all going to be the officiants. And we know that officiants don’t really do things for free.

Yes, the officiants are going to be there for your wedding, but theyre there for a lot more than that.

The wedding is only about an hour long (though we don’t know how long it will be), so it’ll be a full ten minutes of pure wedding fun without any of the actual wedding ceremony. In fact, there’s a surprise after the ceremony that means you really, really, really need to be there for the rest of the ceremony. A wedding has a lot of requirements and a lot of things to do.

So basically your wedding day is about a couple doing a few things for each other, then getting married. Yes, it is very romantic, but that doesnt mean we have to be. You will also have your own wedding, a wedding you pay for and also the wedding of someone you love, which is just as important.

While wedding ceremonies are a lot more formal than a dinner party, they are also filled with some serious social pressure. These social pressures include expectations of behavior that will be expected of you by the people you are marrying. For example, the people at the dinner party are going to expect you to be very polite, but they expect you to be able to put on a good show.

The pressure is even greater if the wedding is held in the middle of a national election. A wedding that takes place in the middle of a presidential election is a political event, and the people there are going to expect you to act very presidential.


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