Which Reveals The Graph Of The Answer Set Of 2x + 3y 6? Picture For Choice 1 Image For Choice 2 Picture For Choice


During 2020, $83 of raw materials were purchased, direct labor prices amounted to $67, and manufacturing overhead incurred was $64. Waterway industries’s whole manufacturing costs i… At the beginning of the month, kimberly had $65.seventy eight.

△abc is just like △xyz. Also, facet ab measures 6 cm, facet bc measures 18 cm, and facet xy measures 12 cm. What is the measure of aspect yz ? Enter your reply in the field. An animal species has a global population of 500,000 and is projected to double every century The graph under models this case, the place 2 is time i…

If the graphs of the linear equations in a system are parallel, what does that mean about the potential resolution of the system? There are infinitely many solutions. There is strictly one solution. The strains in a system can’t be parallel. Drag the tiles to the packing containers to kind appropriate pairs. In the diagram, transversal tcuts across the parallel lines a and b.

Which describes the rotation? 270° counterclockwise rotation 90° counterclockwise rotation 90° clockwise rotatio… The fixed of proportionality is always the where k is the fixed of proportionality.

Which statements about the two triangles should be true? △XYZ was reflected over a vertical line, then dilated by a scale factor of half, leading to △X’Y’Z’. Which have to be true of the 2 triangles? Is the human population progress additionally a factor. Causing deforestation?

Please discover a means to attract it on the graph so I can visually see tips on how to do it. Which exhibits the graph of the answer set of 2x + 3y ≤ 6? Image for option 1 image for choice 2 ima… PLEASE HELP ASAP Right triangle ABC is situated at A (−1, −2), B (−1, 1), and C on a coordinate airplane. What is the equation of a circle A with radius section AC? Question sent to skilled.

Ascientist studied a population of workers to discover out whether verbal reward and/or tangible rewards affect employee productivity. B.) verbal praise and/or tangible rewards may affect the impartial variable, which is the variety of every day duties accomplished by each employee. C.) verbal reward viu campus virtual and/or tangible rewards may affect the dependent variable, which is the number of every day tasks completed by each worker. D.) the dependent variables, that are verbal praise and tangible rewards, might affect the number of day by day tasks completed by each worker.

One of his economic reforms was to interrupt up many giant enterprise trusts. By doing so, he took financial energy out of the palms of the rich and highly effective firms and positioned it in the arms of the odd people. Theodore roosevelt’s reform policies, often recognized as the square deal, to offer the average citizen an equal share of alternatives. Which sentence is the thesis of this paragraph? By doing so, he took economic power out of the hands of the folks and placed it in the hands of the odd individuals. Do some analysis and discover a metropolis that has skilled inhabitants progress.

Misha has written a multipage casual business report, and she has determined to format it as a memo. Which of the next does she must do? A header with the date, the learn… A linear function has an x-intercept of -8 and a y-intercept of 4. She withdrew $15.every week to pay for swim…

Mia wanted to understand how Earth’s movements created new landforms. She decided to read about folded mountains and their characteristics as a result of she had s… Which greatest explains how the viewpoint within the greenberg interview differed from that within the informational textual content on thurgood marshall. The informational article offers an insider’s view of the brown vs board of training case; the angle of the greenberg interview is more distant. Why do writers use figurative language? To make their readers laugh to confuse their readers to make the stories longer for their readers to capture the curiosity of their readers…