why do whales explode

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The reason why the whales are so loud is because they know every animal in their neighborhood is watching them. They are very aware of the noises and are able to tell what is going on.

One reason for this is that they have what we call “proprioceptive channels.” These are areas in the brain that process sensory information. So when they see something, the brain sends a signal to the muscles to make the muscles move to that situation. In the case of whales, they have two sensory channels. One is the sense of sight that makes them aware of the food, and the other is the sense of smell.

It’s a good idea to try to control the noises. As we’re going to learn more from the movie, I don’t think it’s worth trying to control the noises of the whales, no matter what they are doing.

In this case I think the noises are probably noise. They are a lot louder than you think. If they were all deaf, they wouldn’t be able to talk. They do have some sense of hearing though, as part of the brain that processes sound. I think that is why they explode.

When we get to the ocean, it’s an important thing to be done with. If we can’t take the ocean in a way that we can get rid of it, then when we get to the ocean we cannt take the ocean in a way that we can get rid of it.

I think there are many reasons that whales explode, but the main one is because they are constantly trying to eat each other. That is also why they have these loud noises.

I was just looking through the whale explosion page, and it struck me that I was pretty sure that whales are actually the first animals to use sound to communicate. The first animals that evolved this ability were the beavers (which have been extinct for a long time), and they also used sound to communicate with each other. It’s not that they were first to use sound, it’s that they were the first to use sound to communicate.

My mind wasn’t as clear on this as I thought, but I did find some clues.

Sound is one of the important things that whales can do. They can produce sounds up to 30 meters in the air, and their bodies are able to make up sounds that they hear while they’re underwater. In fact, many animals have been using sounds to communicate for thousands of years. Its not that they were first to use sound, its that they are the first to use sound to communicate.

Although whales have been making sounds for thousands of years, the first sounds they could make were made on land. In fact, they were the first to produce sound in the air. Sound was first produced on land by marine mammals like dolphins or seals, but it wasn’t until some whales started using sound that they started to make it.


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